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We provide solutions for your dreams. 

     Since 2004, ​ATW main area is Production Services, mainly directed to the productions and coordination of action scenes.

     You can count us, so Your focus is to tell Your/Client's Story.

    If you want to Produce/Direct a Action Film, TV Series, Advertising or a Event, you'll always need a Production Team, and if you have it, you will definitely need all the infrastructures for it, so you can achieve the best possible result.


    You do not need to worry about problems, cause you can count on us, to prevent and solve them.

    We know that your focus is nothing else than the best result.


    That's why ATW is here, to help you find the best team, and have the most amazing results in any Action Production You have.


Every customer deserves our highest attention and personalized attention.
Get in touch with us and tell us what you have idealized. We found it.


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Portugal, whose capital is Lisboa, is located at the extreme south-eastern corner of Europe, and encompasses Madeira and Azores Archipelagos, both located in the Atlantic Ocean. It is a member of the European Union as well as of other international organizations, namely the United Nations, OCDE, founding member of NATO and the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries. Lisboa has the warmer temperatures in Europe, with an yearly average of 3.300 hours of sun and only 100 days of rain. The city has an International Airport, an Underground network, good road accessibilities with connections to several Motorways, train terminals, Cruise terminals and Recreational Piers.

»6-month of "Summer" and moderated Winter.
»4800 hours of Light Year / Around 9h / day.

» Large range of different equipment, the latest cameras and lenses at your disposal for renting.

»There are many different landscape, beach, tropical (islands), mountain, woodland, sea, desert, caves, castles, fortress, military and police infra structures, palaces and even snow, you can find everything here, accessible and we can easily manage all the permissions to record a film "anywhere" in Portugal. By the way, Portugal are a very well structured country full of freeways and all it in 500km. With 850km coastline (Atlantic coast) only in continental Portugal and is the second world largest exclusive maritime economic zone (1,727,408 sq. Km), and has a outstanding sea life.

»Lisbon is a big city (main) full of life but not chaotic.

»With many of experienced technicals, offers many options with a wide range of professional actors, models and extras of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

»Friendly people always ready to help, who speak many languages, mainly English

»For sure, has One of the best gastronomies in the world, that's make you not wanting to leave Portugal! 

»Algarve, the "California" of Europe ..

» New fiscal incentive in 2020 to film in Portugal (until 30% of "Cash Rebate")




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